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Law of Attraction MagicEvery one of us is constantly shaping our future with each thought we entertain, because Law of Attraction Magic is always working. The only problem is that we sometimes attract things we don’t want.

Though we may consciously want to attract a particular thing or experience, our powerful subconscious mind may be operating from a different set of desires, beliefs, and choices. Through Law of Attraction magic, we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind.

  • Magic aligns the subconscious mind with our conscious choices by communicating in a language the subconscious can understand – the language of ritual and symbol.
  • Once the conscious and subconscious are “on the same wavelength,” we can intentionally shape our reality in whatever way we choose.

Law of Attraction states: Like attracts like

This means that every thought we think is attracting similar thoughts to it. The more we focus on a particular thought, the stronger it will get, because other thoughts like it will be attracted. These thoughts also attract people, places, and things to us that have the same vibration.

Many of our thoughts (often called beliefs) are so deeply buried in our subconscious minds that we don’t even notice them. We simply accept them as “reality.” Most of these subconscious thoughts support us, but some tend to undermine our well being (i. e. fears, expectations of lack, or perhaps a sense of failure).

Law of Attraction Magic - Celtic mystery schoolOur logical mind may not even believe them. Yet we find ourselves repeatedly living out the patterns of these limiting thoughts because we habitually keep thinking them.

Through Magic, we can explore the shadow lands of our subconscious mind and create new thought patterns that attract expansion, abundance, and joy into our lives. The subconscious mind loves symbols and rituals, and it is able to use archetypal images as templates for growth and empowerment. That is why certain myths and magical practices have endured through the ages. They actually work to shift our consciousness out of bondage to fear and limitation, toward empowered creativity.

Two Paths of Magic

Our ancient ancestors refined the practice of magic to a fine art. Often spelled magick or magik to separate it from the sleight-of-hand tricks performed by entertainers, real magic is neither trick, nor performance. It is a deeply personal, spiritual path of growth and understanding; a path of expanding awareness and conscious creativity.

There are two main Magical paths:

  • Active – using ritual and symbol to shift consciousness and shape reality, attracting what we want in life
  • Receptive – intuitive perception of windows between worlds – using “thin” places and times to access and explore the wonder of the Otherworlds

Both paths can lead to the experience of Oneness with the Creative Power of the Universe.

If you have studied magic for long, you will have read somewhere that Dion Fortune defined magic as “the art of causing changes to take place in consciousness in accordance with will.” When consciousness is changed, reality changes. Every thought we think affects the entire universe, so consciously focusing on particular thoughts will attract more of those kinds of thoughts to enhance the power of the original thought. This attractive power then draws in events, things, and people aligned with the original thoughts.

The unique value of law of attraction magic is that it can bypass the conscious mind to communicate directly with the subconscious. Sometimes it is simply a matter of attuning oneself to uplifting, other-dimensional realities. By enlisting the support of your powerful subconscious, in combination with conscious application of Law of Attraction Magic, you can tap into the unlimited creative power of the Universe and manifest anything you want.

Start today! It is all about how you focus your mind.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

It is certainly possible to manifest whatever you desire simply by consciously focusing your attention on what you want. This is the way most people are using the Law of Attraction today. It is a practice of always focusing on the most positive feelings in everything you do. It requires constant awareness of your thoughts and feelings. In the Buddhist tradition this is called “mindfulness.”

Law of Attraction Magic takes working with the Law of Attraction one big step further. In addition to the conscious mind, it engages the subconscious mind – that governs at least 95% of our actions! Doesn’t that sound a lot easier? Magic is the “missing link” for those who have tried using Law of Attraction and found that it doesn’t seem to work for them.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Author of Biology of Belief:

“In contrast to the power of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful an information processor. Also, as neuroscientists emphasize, the conscious mind provides 5% or less of the cognitive activity during the day. Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of our behavior is directly derived from the subconscious. Hence the use of the word ‘power’ in the concept of will power, it takes significant effort for the conscious mind to keep tabs on the subconscious behavior. Positive thinking is primarily effective if the subconscious supports the conscious intention.”

Law of Attraction Magic – The Language
of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind understands the language of ritual and symbol. It interprets everything you think and say quite literally. Certain symbols and rituals have been passed down to us by the ancients. Even though our modern conscious minds are filled with technology, “facts,” and science, our subconscious still responds to these ancient symbols in the same way it did for our distant ancestors.

Faehallows School of Magic - Law of attraction magicThe basic elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air have particular meaning represented by geometrical shapes, and such symbols as knives, swords, candles, cups, cauldrons, stones, spears, and wands. The subconscious mind knows exactly how to read these symbols. In addition, we can use them to communicate our conscious intentions to the subconscious, thereby gaining a powerful ally in the quest to improve our lives.

Engage Your Subconscious Mind

In The Celtic Mystery School Magical Foundation Course you will learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind according to the Ancient Wisdom of the Celtic Mystery Tradition. It is a tradition rich in lore and symbolism, with which you are probably already somewhat familiar.

No doubt you’ve heard of these Celtic archetypes:

  • The Isle of Avalon
  • Morgan le Fey
  • Merlin
  • Magic wands
  • Druids
  • The Holy Grail

These and similar archetypes have appeared over and over again for thousands of years. We still find them in modern literature and films. In our Magical Foundation Course you will learn how your subconscious mind already understands these symbols and why they awaken repeated interest in public awareness.

In short, we NEED them. They help us keep our magic alive so we can continue to expand our delicious experience of living on this beautiful planet. We are meant to live a joyful life, full of discovery and creativity. We are meant to find life thrilling at times and peaceful most other times.

Open the door to delight and wonder by including Law of Attraction Magic in your life, starting today!

The Magic of Believing

You can start living a magical life right now! You simply have to believe it is possible. It really IS, once you learn how to activate your magical brain. Most of us have been told that magic is “just pretend,” nothing more than sleight-of-hand, or a children’s fantasy. Yet deep down we know. There is a natural longing for magic that stirs in the heart of every child. A part of us wants to believe. That child is still alive somewhere inside each of us and it is a vital part of who we are.

Just look at the amazing popularity of the Harry Potter series – the best-selling novels of all time! It is obvious that our collective consciousness WANTS to experience magic, even if we can only find it in fiction. But we don’t have to rely on fiction.  We can Live the Magic! Faehallows School of Magic is a grown-up version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s a Magic School for adults.

Magic is Fun!

law of attraction magic - celtic mystery schoolDark images of ugly hags stirring cauldrons may come to mind when you think of magic, but those images were fabricated in the Middle-ages when the Catholic church attempted to destroy the power of magic and witches.

If magic were not such a powerful force in the world, there would have been no reason for them to wage a 400 year battle against witchcraft! And still Law of Attraction Magic lives on. It always will. It is a natural part of who we are!

Real magicians are generally gentle and devoted to creating harmony and balance in the world. Magical rituals can be ecstatic and uplifting, allowing the inner child to come out to play. Certainly, there is a serious and spiritual dimension to Magic, but it need not be bogged down in heavy dogma or pedantic repetition.

Magic is a spirituality of freedom, creativity, and expansion. Ultimately, Magic will make you a better person, or perhaps simply allow more of who you really are to be expressed. Are you ready to witness your own magical creativity?

Science & Magic

Coincidentally, cutting-edge scientists are now proving that magic is real! Believe it or not, quantum physicists are actually validating our magical traditions. Mind over matter! (Have you seen “What the Bleep Do We Know?) But they still have a lot to learn. The ancient Mystery School Initiates were way ahead of modern scientists.

  • Long before quantum physics, the Mystery Schools taught what scientists are just beginning to prove today.
  • For thousands of years magical knowledge was passed down from one generation to another.
  • It was kept secret from the general public, but there were always a select few who understood  magic and the Law of Attraction.
  • Now you can learn their secrets, too.
  • This is the time in history when all secrets are to be revealed!

There were Mystery Schools in every great culture of the past – Egypt, Persia, India, all over Europe, Central America. The tradition that guides Faehallows School of Magic is the Celtic Mystery School. It was passed down to us through word of mouth, Celtic Mythology, Druid lore, and the Arthurian legends.

The mythology of the Celts and pre-Celts of the British Isles has permeated Western thinking, even in America – to the point where the press called our White House “Camelot” during the Kennedy administration. As a culture, we never seem to tire of books and films based on Arthurian lore. In short, the magic has always been with us, for those who have eyes to see.

Are you ready to open your eyes?

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