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Trance-form Your Life

Trance-form Your Life

Awaken your dormant gifts and redirect your life with personally-guided Shamanic Trance Journeys

  • 6 Sessions (one per month)
  • Private guidance through Shamanic Trance Journeys
  • Personal rituals to deepen your magical practice and enhance your life
  • Available worldwide by Skype or Phone.

Faehallows School of MagicFaehallows School of Magic director Bernadette Wulf will guide you through your own private Shamanic Trance Journey each month, based on what is going on in your life at the time and what you want to create for yourself.

You can choose to meet a particular guide or deity, connect with the faery realm, power animals, ancestors, or or meet with beings of myth and legend. Find answers to your questions and receive guidance from your own secret store of infinite wisdom.

Shamans have been traveling in the Otherworlds for millennia, bringing back truth and healing for their people. Now you can do it too in a safe and balanced process of guided visualization. Then we will create a ritual together to ground the experience in your daily life. Of course, you will always be the one to choose where you want to go, who you meet, and how you want to create the rituals. It is your journey. I am just the facilitator.

My experience: I can’t even begin to express how much Shamanic Trance Journeys have transformed my life in a positive way. My mind has expanded far beyond what I ever would have thought possible, and I continue to learn more all the time. Now that I know how to journey to commune with my guides, power animals, faeries, and more, I never feel alone or lost in the Muggle world. I am always “home.”  I want to share this wonderful experience with you.

Of course there are also Shamanic Trance Journeys included in my Foundation Course and many people have told me how profound they were for them. Imagine how profound they would be if they were created specifically for you!

Trance-form Your Life Sessions

Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes – usually 75.00 each (a 450.00 value for only 333.00!) That’s only 55.5o for each session – This is a very special deal offered only to magic students!

Contact Bernadette Wulf – Email – Phone 707-824-0675

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