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Faery & Angel intuitive readingsFaery and Angel Intuitive Readings

What are your angel or faery
friends trying to tell you?

Did you know that you have your very own guardian angels, faeries, and guides who are just waiting for you to ask them to help you? If you listen, they will give you valuable advice and they always help when asked.

My angels told me to offer readings to others.
I don’t know why. I suppose there must be people out there who wish they could know what their angels have to tell them, but they are not sure how to hear their messages. Are you one of them?

There are also faeries all around us, especially if we have strong connections with plants, animals and nature. We each have a faery co-walker who is the companion of our soul, just like we each have a guardian angel. The faeries can be powerful allies for those who respect the faery way.

Faeries are not always as friendly and helpful as angels. Some of them are not too happy with the way humans have treated nature. But if you do your best to respect nature and the plants and animals in your life, you probably have faery friends who would love to share their wisdom with you.

Bernadette Wulf - Director of Faehallows School of Magic Sometimes animal and plant spirits, or other beings, like ancestors, come through in my readings. They may also have special messages for you.

Do you have questions about –

  • your purpose in life
  • your spiritual path
  • your health or finances
  • career or relationships?

Angels never fail to give accurate readings which are perfect for exactly where you are in the moment. Faeries can sometimes play pranks, but their readings are accurate in their own way. Sometimes they are just telling you to lighten up and not take things so seriously! Most of my readings have messages from both faeries and angels, and sometimes power animals, plant spirits, or other helpful beings.

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Mini – Card Reading Only $33.00! – Delivered by email.

Regular Reading $66.00 – Card Reading plus Messages from Your Guides & Power Animals – Delivered by email

Live Reading $99 – Visualization Journey via Skype or Phone – I will guide you on an inner quest as we travel together in the Otherworlds to seek answers to your questions, or messages from your guides and power animals.

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Your reading will be sent to you by Email

I will send the results of your reading by email and you can then ask for clarification if anything is not clear.

Email Bernadette Wulf or call me at 707-824-0675

Payment must be received before each reading. I will do your reading as soon as possible after I receive your payment. Please indicate if you have specific questions, or whether you would prefer a general reading.

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