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ladies of the lake study group

Next Meeting June 21st, 2017

Now Reading: Back by Popular Demand…

Ladies of the Lake

by Caitlin and John Matthews

Reading for June 21st:  

Chapter 9 – Ragnell (and as much of the preceding material as you can)

Note: Even if you haven’t read the chapter, you are welcome join us for a fascinating discussion and ritual/visualization journey. They have been quite powerful!

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Next Meeting Information:

Reading: Chapter 9 – Ragnell

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday June 21st – ongoing monthly (usually Wednesdays)

Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm

Place: Private home near downtown Graton, CA – Email Bernadette Wulf for directions or call 707-824-0675

Cost: No charge – donations appreciated

You are welcome to join us for one or all events. Though you don’t have to read the chapters each month before coming, it will make the study group much more interesting for you and others if you do!

  • We discuss what we have read
  • Do guided visualization journeys
  • Create a short ritual

Email Bernadette Wulf for directions or call 707-824-0675

Book Description

Meet the mysterious Morgan le Fay, Igraine, Guinevere, Nimue, and five more “ladies of the lake.” Explore their stories and their roles in Celtic and Arthurian legends. Connect with the living presence of these faery priestesses of Avalon through shamanic guided visualization journeys.

This was the first book we studied and it was so powerful that we have decided to read and experience it again with the new people who have joined our group. The nine “ladies of the lake” were each a potent presence in their own right, and even more awesome when experienced together. We are looking forward to a forming a deeper and richer connection with them as we delve into their lore this time.

From the Amazon review:

“A study of nine women of Arthurian legend, their connection to the goddess and other mythical traditions, and their value to [people] of today. This work accords first place to the true nature of feminine power and to the ancestral lore of the ninefold sisterhoods who have acted as priestesses in Celtic tradition.”

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