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“Money is not the path to happiness.

Happiness, however, is the path to money.”  —  Abraham-Hicks


Money Magic! - 90 Days to Prosperity in YOUR HandsMoney Magic! 

90 Days to Prosperity in YOUR Hands

Money will come when you call it – as soon as you really understand how Law of Attraction works. This step-by-step manual will lead you through the simple process of transforming your relationship with money. You will see positive money magic results within 90 days, guaranteed! I did. And I can tell you, I was no expert on finances. In fact, I was deep in debt and living on a shoestring, but then I discovered a little-known key to attracting money into my life.

Not only was there a dramatic influx of money and job opportunities, but everything else in my life has improved right along with my finances! Now my life flows with effortless synchronicity most of the time – at least as long as I remember to practice what I learned while writing this book!

Reader Feedback

Hi – I just bought and read your money magic book. Talk about synchronicity! I had a VERY real dream about looking into my Great Grandmothers mirror and I was a man, I was still myself inside trying to figure it out. I’m glad to say that I was a well dressed, rich, good looking man. Anyway when I woke up and started reading your book again I got to the part about meeting your male side. And I remembered looking into my great grandma’s mirror when I was young and thinking that I looked like a boy, and casting that part of me away! It has helped me feel whole.

There have been MANY other synchronistic events like this through the whole book… I have read many good books on financial abundance, but this one really resonated with me.  —  Cindy

You CAN Have It All

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have it all? Riches, health, power, happiness, success. There’s a reason. It’s not because they are any better than you are, and it isn’t necessarily because they had more opportunities. It’s because of something they do, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, and you can do it too! All you have to do is change a certain habit.

Call it magic if you like, but it is nothing more than following a certain law of the universe. It works for anyone, anytime, anywhere, without fail. You just have to learn how to use it for yourself. If it seems like magic, that’s because it is. Magic is simply using universal law and your own i-magi-nation to attract what you want, and Money Magic! will show you just how to do it.

Most of Us Were Never Taught How Our Universe Really Works!

We all have habits and beliefs that we formed in early childhood. Most of the time we don’t even notice them, because they have been with us so long. Nobody ever pointed them out to us. We just accept them as “the way things are.” One of these habits has been holding YOU back from experiencing everything wonderful you ever dreamed of, including a nice, fat bankroll. In Money Magic! we’ll take a close look at this limiting habit and, more importantly, HOW you can change it.

When I decided to change my own negative money habit, I kept a journal of my progress. I am making it available to you, so you can change your own relationship with money.

It’s fun, sometimes even funny. You will be able to watch, as if through a magic window, as I went through the process of learning to attract as much money as I wanted. And I promise, if you will go through the process with me, you can count on more money in your life, as sure as day follows night. How much more is up to you.

Reader Feedback

Hi Bernadette,
I have managed to download the e-book, thank you. I just have to tell you I am already half way through reading it, and absolutely Love what I’m reading. And I love your added bits of humor too. The information is right from the heart; I think that is what I appreciate the most.

Thank you so much; just what I needed.  —  Robyn

How big can you dream?

A habit usually doesn’t change overnight. It took me the full 90 days, and then some, to shift completely out of my bad habit. In fact, I still catch myself falling into my old limiting habit now and then. That’s when I pull out the Money Magic! manual and read through it again and again – until I feel my mind loosening it’s grip on that old pattern that doesn’t serve me anymore. But I’m a slow learner.

I know some people who have transformed their lives in 30 days or less using this information. It’s really up to you how fast you can shift to a new, positive habit. But I can tell you one thing for sure, if you sincerely follow the steps laid out in Money Magic!, you WILL reap the rewards you seek. It’s universal law. And you don’t even have to know a thing about bookkeeping!

Results Guaranteed!

Money Deva copyright Bernadette Wulf

Money Deva – click to order prints

I’m so sure you will benefit by reading Money Magic! that I’m offering a money-back guarantee. You have a full 90 days to read and practice the exercises laid out for you in Money Magic! to see how it can work for you. If you are not fully satisfied, just let me know within 90 days of receiving your order and I’ll refund your money.

The reason I’m so sure it will work for you is because I know universal law never fails. It works the same way for everyone, every time!

If you change your limiting habit – and you CAN – then you will hold the key to unlimited wealth and happiness.

And if that sounds too good to be true, then maybe it’s time to take a deeper look at how you feel about yourself and what you deserve in life. That’s where Magical-Life Coaching and emotional healing with EFT comes in. Sometimes we all need a little extra help to change the negative patterns of a lifetime.

(See my HealItAll.com website for clearing your emotional money issues and limiting beliefs about money with EFT.)

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How I Discovered Money Magic!

When it comes to the subject of money, our most limiting beliefs often come to the surface. Mine certainly did! I took a major inner journey a over a decade ago when I was having financial difficulties. It led me through the jungle of my false beliefs and confusion about money that had landed me in debt, without a job, or any prospect of making a living.

Bernadette Wulf - Magical-Life CoachSometimes it takes those wake-up calls to get us to really look at how and why we have attracted the mess we are in! Fortunately, I had been introduced to the Law of Attraction through the Abraham teachings. I decided to put it to the test!

  • I started using the Law of Attraction to bring more money into my life, but I was amazed to discover how much resistance I had to the very idea of being prosperous!
  • That led me to create a series of exercises to clear my limiting beliefs.
  • With the use of EFT and my own powerful clearing processes, I systematically cleared the limiting beliefs and false conclusions about money that were keeping me stuck in lack.
I Kept a Journal of My Progress

My Journal describes all the exercises I came up with to heal my issues on:

  • deserving prosperity
  • false beliefs about money
  • guilt about having too much money
  • fears of running out of money
  • past conditioning about money
  • my inner child’s feeling about money
  • ways to feel good about money
  • and every other factor I could dig up regarding my relationship with money

Since that time, which is now well over a decade ago, my financial situation has greatly improved and continues to improve. I know that I can bring in all the money I need, any time I want.

What a Powerful Feeling!

You Can Do It Too!

Prove it to yourself NOW.

You’ll be glad you did!

Money Magic! E-Book

My journal is available in book form, with step-by-step instructions to clear your way to manifesting as much money as you choose. Follow along with me as I take my journey to abundant living and you’ll find your own finances improving, too!

  • It’s easy and fun
  • Your attitude about money will change just by reading  along
  • If you do the exercises, I can promise that your financial situation will improve, often dramatically
  • My book is called Money Magic! because it really is magical
  • As I continue to use the Law of Attraction my life and abundance improves every day
  • Yours will too!
  • Just follow along and practice the exercises in the book

Order Money Magic! Here

Buy the Money Magic! E-book – Just $20.00 – sent to you by email (Check your inbox right after you make your order.)


Available on Amazon Kindle too! Order from Amazon Kindle Books

It’s guaranteed, or your money  back!

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