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Celtic Magic CoursesFaehallows Magic Foundation Course

Magical Law of Attraction Online Celtic Magic Course

Magical Initiation – A Year-and-a-Day Living the Mysteries of Celtic Shamanic Magic. Includes 12 (monthly) lessons and up to four E-mail consultations each month in this online Celtic Magic Course! Learn more and sign up here!

Trance-form Your Life

Awaken your dormant Magical gifts – 6 months personal guidance with shamanic trance journeys, plus personal rituals to deepen your magical practice. Learn more and sign up here!

Magical Mentor – The Priestess Path

6 Private Mentoring Sessions for Magical Women and Men with Magical-Life Coach Bernadette Wulf to support you on your Magical Journey toward deepening Self Worth, Healthy Boundaries, Trust in the Universe, Magical Understanding, & Powerful Psychic Protection in your service of the World, the Goddess, All That Is, Universal Truth, or whatever you like to call the Oneness of All. Available worldwide by Skype or Phone. Learn more and sign up here!

New Celtic Magic Courses Coming Soon (I hope!):

Gods & Goddesses of Celtic Lands

Introduction to the gods and goddesses of Celtic lore and legend through guided visualization journeys designed to give you a deep and personal understanding of who these beings are and how you can work with them if you choose.

Divination – Awakening Your Intuition & Giving Readings

How to develop intuition – with practical exercises. Awaken your intuition and learn divination through cards, tarot, runes, shamanic journeys, automatic writing, scrying, channeling, and more.

The Faery Way – How to Contact & Work with Faeries

  • Creating deep connections with the Fae, Sidhe, & Trees to bring about change & awareness in this reality.
  • Pratical steps to bring faery magic back from the Otherworlds
  • Making our world more magical by bringing in gifts from the faeries
  • How to do fairy or fairy card readings

Brigit’s Path – Faery Doctoring & Shamanic Healing

  • Aligning with health
  • Herbal healing
  • Energy healing
  • Healing chronic illness
  • Faery Reiki Healing

Aura Viewing

Simple and effective techniques to quickly learn to see auras.

Leap into the Living Magic of Freedom & Bliss.
Your life will never be mundane again!

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