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Greetings from Bernadette Wulf
Director of Faehallows School of Magic

Welcome to Magic School! I have always loved magic, myth, and fairytales, so discovering the Celtic and pre-Celtic magical tradition has been a profound source of wonder, wisdom, inspiration, healing, and joy in my life.

Bernadette Wulf - Director of Faehallows School of Magic - Celtic Magic SchoolIn addition to my present-day magical, spiritual, shamanic study and practice, I have recalled many past lives where I was immersed in magic and Mystery Wisdom – Druid “weather keeper,” Central American temple priestess, Gypsy clairvoyant, “Merlin” (of which there were many), Order of Melchizedek, and more. Magic is a thread that weaves through the fabric of my being.

I never tried to remember my past lives. Memories just popped up at various times over the years, often giving me fascinating information. This information has triggered a life-long search for the truth that underlies all reality.

Much of this fascinating information
has been passed on to you in my
Celtic Mystery School Foundation Magic Course

My present-life ancestral bloodlines are Irish, French, and Scottish. That is probably why I feel a deep resonance with Celtic and pre-Celtic magic and the shamanic Faery tradition. These traditions and mythologies are a living repository of ancient spiritual wisdom, and this practical information that may well be a key to preserving and sustaining life on planet Earth in these challenging times. In fact, according to Montague Keen, Ireland is the key to restoring sovereignty on planet Earth for all humanity. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.”

Also, I am loosely involved with the modern Reclaiming movement and I have been inspired by the magical writings of Margaret Lumley Brown, Ella Young, Tom Cowan, Gareth Knight, Catlin and John Matthews, Lyn Webster Wilde, and Mara Freeman, as well as many other Celtic magic teachers. I am also deeply grateful for the teachings of Abraham-Hicks on Law of Attraction, and the humorous, uplifting insights of P’taah as shared by Jani King.

The Faery Way

While I find profound and deep inspiration in the Celtic and pre-Celtic magical and mythical path, I have enough faery sense to keep it fun. My faery guide told me that my life work is to “teach the faery way.” That’s when life really started making sense to me. You can read all about that at fairysource.com. I realized then that I could never have been a muggle, even if I tried!

One of my secret childhood dreams (aside from being an artist) was to become one of the “wise women in the woods” that you so often find in fairy tales. Yeah, I was a weird kid. The names don’t matter much – pagan, enchantress, sorceress, magician, witch, wise woman, whatever – it’s all the same to me. It’s all about aligning with the wonder and wisdom of Nature, the Creative Spirit of the Universe, and the wise beings of the Otherworlds – opening to the magic of manifestation and reclaiming the goddess within.

Bernadette Wulf

Faehallows School of Magic!

Live the Magic!

Faehallows Director –
Bernadette Wulf

Halloween 2008Magical Law of Attraction Coach
Plant Based Vegan Coach
Visionary Artist
EFT  & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Reiki Master
Faery Reiki Master

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Just a Halloween costume. I don’t go around in a witch hat on other days of the year, LOL. Halloween or Samhain has always been my favorite holiday, of course! I dressed up as Professor McGonagall one year and a little boy said, “Hey, you’re that lady that turns into a cat!” He kept looking back in awe. So cute!

Magical Law of Attraction Quote

“When you’re happy in the “stream” whereEVER you are, you’ve made peace with where you are. And in making peace with where you are, you’ve released resistance. And in the releasing of resistance, you’re flowing rapidly toward what you are wanting.

And it will feel to you – if you can maintain this feeling even for a day or two – it will feel to you like all of the things that you’ve been wanting have been lined up outside your door

– And the door just opened
– And now they’re flowing in.”  —  Abraham-Hicks

The Faehallows Magic School Vision

For several years, Faehallows School of Magic has existed in the virtual reality of your computer screen, on this website, through our online Magical Community, in physical workshops and rituals, and through our online magic course. We now have a facebook page too! Join us.

As we continue to grow, we hope to include
additional courses covering:

  • elements and directions
  • magic in the arts
  • ecstatic dance
  • Dana or Danu Source Goddess of the Celtic Traditionfaery healing
  • herbology
  • plant spirit communication
  • working with nature spirits
  • organic permaculture
  • composting – “faery gold”
  • sustainable building
  • energy healing
  • flower remedies
  • divination and dowsing
  • mythical journeys
  • ritual planning
  • ritual theater
  • geomancy
  • animal communication
  • and much more

Let us know if you have any particular
Celtic Magical subjects you would like us to include!

(Thanks to Jessica Galbreth for permission
to use her beautiful “Mother Earth” image.)

Our Magic School Guiding Lights –
Danu & Cernnunos

The Irish goddess known as Danaan, Danu, Dana, Anu, Anna, or Don (probably also Diana) is the goddess of Manifestation Magic, Artistry, and Abundance in Celtic mythology. The Tuatha de Danaan are her people, now known as the Sidhe or faery folk.

She is the Earth Mother and a powerful, magical matriarch. Her children include the Irish and Welsh people, as well as goddesses, gods, “wisdom,” the wind, and the faeries. Irish mythology tells that when fairies first landed in Ireland, Danu gave them sustenance, life, and law.

Connected with the stars, moon, air, sky, fertility, oceans, and prosperity, Danu is the most ancient Celtic goddess, linked with the cycles of Earth and the seasons. One of her names is Divine Waters.

Since the advent of Christianity she has become associated with St. Anne. Danu is the guiding goddess of Faehallows School of Magic, along with Cernnunos who is often depicted in the form of a Stag or the antlered Green Man of the woods.

Cernnunos is the god of wild Nature, fertility, and the hunt. He is our over-lighting god, who leads us forth in our hunt for truth, beauty, and compassion for all life.

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