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Celtic Mystery School - Faehallows School of MagicWelcome to Faehallows School of Magic – a Celtic Mystery School!

  • Do You Long to Have a Deep Connection with Nature and Your Ancient Roots?
  • Are You Seeking to Discover Your True Life Purpose
  • Are You Ready to Align with the Natural Rhythms of Earth & Spirit to Restore Balance, Harmony, Health, and Abundance in Your Life and Your World?
  • Can You Feel the Call of Ancient Celtic Earth Magick and Mystery Wisdom?
  • Would you Love to Connect with the Faeries and Nature Spirits?

If you answered yes, you have come to the right place!

Discover Freedom – Magic – Wisdom!

Weave more magick into your life and you will soon discover the life adventure you came here to experience. No matter which sort of magic you choose, it is all about how you weave it.

It doesn’t even matter how you spell it (magic or magick) as long as there’s a spell in it. You can still walk the ancient magical paths laid out for us in every cultural tradition all over the world. They are all valuable to the magical initiate. Take your pick. You might want to start with our Online Celtic Magic Foundation Course.

Why Choose the Celtic Mystery School Path?

The Celtic, and particularly the Irish, Welsh, and Scottish, magical path is unique, because it is firmly rooted in a Shamanic connection with the Faery realm. When we ground our magical practice with such deep roots in Nature, it allows us to expand our consciousness in a balanced way to the far reaches of the cosmos.

External experience always reflects your inner reality. Expand inwardly and your outer experience will also expand. You will feel more and more freedom, balance, and joy as you align with your Center, the Spirit of Life, supported by benign guides, faeries, ancestors, angels, power animals, plant & mineral spirits, gods & goddesses as your companions.

Similarly, as above, so below – when you explore the mysteries of Earth’s Underworld and Faerie realms, you will discover your connection with the expansive Overworlds of stars, Sun and Moon, the angelic realms, and the realms of sky Goddesses and Gods. That’s the essence of true Magic (Magick).

The laws of Nature guide the process of Magic. We do not seek to change or control Nature, but rather to align with it so perfectly that we become part of the synergistic and synchronistic flow of creation.

Celtic Magic is:
  • ecstatic revelation
  • relationship between Inner Self and Otherworldly Beings
  • blissful alignment with the Cosmic Oneness of All That Is
  • deep communion with living Spirits of Nature, Earth, and Cosmos

Celtic mystery school courses tap into the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, while also expanding our awareness of the rhythms of the Universe and the whispers of the future. It sets in motion new currents of possibilities, weaving new threads into the tapestry of life, and lays upon us the profound responsibility of creating new and better realities.

In short, choosing the path of Celtic magic can and will change your life. If you approach it with positive intent in a spirit of love and service, you will reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

The magical path - Faehallows School of MagicWhat is a Celtic Mystery School?

In the past, magical knowledge was strictly guarded. Magical initiates kept magic to themselves in order to protect this powerful wisdom from improper use by unscrupulous people.

They studied the magical laws of the universe in secret. That is why their gatherings were called mystery schools.

Our magic survives in spite of witch trials, book burnings, and persecution over many centuries. 

The wisdom of our ancestors was hidden in plain view within the legends and myths of each culture. These myths may appear to be nothing more than entertaining stories to most, but they were recognized by seers, magicians, and shamans as pathways to other realities, full of hidden truths.

In the Celtic world, these truths were revealed to the wise in stories we now call myths and legends. The best known of these are the Arthurian legends.

Fortunately, the need to hide our magic is past.

Though there are still unscrupulous people in the world, there is also a positive energetic shift occurring that will undermine the power of those who would use magic for negative purposes. This is the time when all secrets shall be revealed. Both dark secrets and powerful wisdom are now available to anyone who is willing to seek them out.

Magic operates with its own karmic law. Whatever you do to another will come back to you threefold, so no sensible magician would seek to harm another. The most basic law of Celtic magic is, “Harm None and Do What You Will.” Keep your focus positive and you will experience positive results.

Why an Online Magic School?

With the advent of the Internet, magical teachings can be sent anywhere in seconds. This is important, because more and more people are waking up to discover the reality of magic – or at least wondering about its possibilities. There is a new hunger that needs to be filled.

Are you tired of the materialistic reality that permeates our modern world?Is it time to seek something deeper and more meaningful, something rooted in ancient wisdom that supports the Sovereignty of each individual? The Shamanic Magical Path provides direct experience of spiritual realities and the benevolent beings that exist beyond the material realm.

It is time for all of us to wake up to these magical realities and become citizens of our multi-dimensional cosmos.

The Purpose of Magic

There are three important purposes for magic:

  1. Personal and planetary healing – which can be quite profound! This includes creating bridges of consciousness between the human, faery, angelic, animal, plant and mineral realms
  2. Exploration of realities beyond the manifest world – including the realities of ancient gods and goddesses, faeries, ancestors, and angels, as well as the spirit realms of plants, minerals, and animals
  3. Manifesting new uplifted realities – Law of Attraction dictates that what we focus upon will become our reality – when we focus internally on expanding freedom, wisdom, love, and bliss, we magically shift our external reality in the same direction – life gets better and better! It really does.
The Practice of Magic

Magical practice teaches us to focus our thoughts and feelings in order to shift our inner awareness in positive ways. We explore the dark shadows as well as the bright lights of our inner reality. And we bring back treasures hidden there. These treasures make us more balanced and whole, because they are actually parts of ourselves that we have forgotten or misplaced.

Celtic Magical Tradition

In the Celtic Mystery School Foundation Course you will:

  • Work with the wheel of the year, honoring the phases of the moon and the Cross Quarter Days. (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, Mabon), Solstices, and Equinoxes.
  • Explore the Otherworlds within the cosmic Tree of Life. Shamanic Traditions recognize the Upper, Middle, and Lower worlds, including the faery realm.
  • Dive into the rich mythology and lore passed down to us by our ancestors.
  • Explore the deep wisdom of the Four Sacred Hallows of the Tuatha de Danaan.
  • Work in the tradition of the Druids, Faeries, and Merlins.
  • Learn to balance the relationship between human, animal, plant, and faery realms.
  • Actively develop relationships with beings of the inner worlds. (Goddesses and Gods, Faeries, Guides, Power Animals, Ancestors, Elementals, Plant and Mineral Spirits)

If such ideas awaken a glimmer of inspiration in you,
Faehallows School of Magic is for you!

This Celtic Mystery School is not for everyone. However, if you feel called to live the mysteries of Magic, we invite you to explore the mystery wisdom of the Celtic Faery tradition here at Faehallows School of Magic.

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